Transport for Training race


I am going to take part in the training race on 20th July. I will stay at the hard floor that the organizer offers. Is it possible to go to the training race by bus?

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  • Hi!

    After investigating the possibility to arrange bus transportation we have unfortunately reached the conclusion that it is not possible.We do however recommend registreing in a car pool app:
    Follow that link and register an account so you could try to find other people who might be traveling there be car. There will also be a limited bike renting at the O-Ringen city.

    I hope you find some transportation that works out for you!

    Welcome to O-Ringen Kolmården!

    Best regards
    Jessica Sörndal Ekonomi och Deltagarservicechef
  • I was also wandering if there is a bus transportation to the training race. If not, will it be easy to find a parking lot at Sörsjön?
  • Hi Katja!

    There won't be any buses going to the training race but there are parking spaces. If you travel along road 55, it will be marked where you should turn towards lake Sörsjön, crossing Graversfors.

    Welcome to O-Ringen Kolmården!

    Jessica Sörndal Ekonomi och Deltagarservicechef

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