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Si card

I want to use my si card.  where when booking, you must specify the si card number?
Tamara Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi Tamara!

    You don't have to specify you SI card number ahead, you do that on the arena on your way to the start when you pass our verification station.Your number bib will the be scanned and your SI card matched to you!

    Welcome to O-Ringen Uppsala!
    Jessica Sörndal
  • I can't find my entry number and need to update my entry to my new age group since I have moved up one since my original booking in 2020. My name is Kirsty Campbell, entered under either Scotland or Edinburgh University.
    Kirsty Campbell
  • Hello,

    please contact our booking services and they will help you make the change!

    Kind regards,
    Anna Wennertorp Marknad, upplevelse & deltagarservice
  • What is meant by (yyyymmdd-ssss) in the entry system. If it is the date of birth, then what is ssss?


  • Hello,

    ssss are the four last numbers in the swedish personal number.

    Kind regrds,
    Anna Wennertorp Marknad, upplevelse & deltagarservice

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