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Challenge Courses and Recreational courses

Hi! I would like to know more about the Challenge courses. Where can I find more information, do they have free start time? What is the difference to Recreational classes?


  • Hi Marjorie!

    You can participate in a Challenge course either 3 or 5 days. You can read more about them and see the different Challenge courses listed here:


    There are several courses of intermediate difficulty. Which one you prefer depends on how long course you would like to run and also how many days you want to run. All challenge courses have free start time at all stages so you will not be assigned a start time. If you want to compare your results with friends/ family who also participate in Challenge - enter a word for tagging upon making your entry and you will be able to search for your tag among the results (just make sure they enter the same word as you!)

    In the Challenge class you compete to others of all ages and gender. If you would like to compete with people in only your own age and you own gender, then you can also choose your class from the Recreational classes:
    These classes do also have free starting time for all stages.

    Welcome to O-Ringen!

    Best regards
    Jessica Sörndal Ekonomi och Deltagarservicechef
  • Please advice the  difference between Challengeklass and Main- and Shortclass
    What type should regular sportsmen take?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Misha,
    The Main and short classes are all over 5 Days and they are based on age and gender. Main and short classes for adults are all of the difficulty level "difficult".
    The starting times for main classes at stage 1-4 are fixed while short classes have free minute start. Both classes have pursuit start on stage 5.

    The Challenge classes are over 5 Days, 3 Days or single stage start.
    The Challenge classes are based on distance and difficulty and are all open to everyone regardless of gender or age and they have free starting time all stages.

    Choose the class that you fint the most interesting. There are many options to choose from.
    Good luck!
    Best Regards
    Mats Åberg, O-Ringen
    Mats Åberg Tävlings- och IT-chef

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