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About ordering and getting a training cards

I am a foreign participant. I have entry (application) to the elite group. I want to book training cards through the O-Ringen booking system. The description of the training cards section says that if I purchase training  cards, I can order these cards by mail, sending message to email "info@oringen.se" .
1) What "mail" is meant - home mailbox?
2) Are maps sent to abroad (other countries)?
3) Can I request to send me electronic versions of training cards to my email address (small time left before the competition for map sending to abroad at home mailbox) ???


  • Hi Alex!

    We are glad to hear you will participate!

    I Think what you are refering to is the training maps? The are bookable through our booking portal (where you also book your start).
    1 & 3) The can be sent home to you but not by e-mail, it is by post. Otherwise I would recommend you to pick them up at Himmelstalund after we have opened on th 18th of July. We might be able to arrange pick up earlier if you let us know in ahead.
    2. Yes

    After you have made your booking, let us know if you want them sent to you or if you prefer to try to pick them up in Norrköping.

    Welcome to O-Ringen Kolmården!
    Jessica Sörndal Ekonomi och Deltagarservicechef

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