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Are print-on-demand books a subject to legal/e-legal deposit?

I help run a small "publishing company" (Kommanditbolag) which has been publishing science fiction anthologies for many years via Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing. We never print out our own books, but merely use Amazon's print-on-demand services which allows people to order paperback and hardback copies (as well as ebooks) directly from Amazon. We had been using Amazon's free ISBN numbers until very recently, but given that we were hoping to expand to other things like, say, Apple Books, for example, we recently began to use ISBN numbers distributed by Kungliga Biblioteket. But now I wonder, will I need to buy and have shipped copies of the book from Amazon.com (Amazon.se does not yet distribute the paperback or hardback versions, but they may one day do so--currently they only sell the ebook version.) paying both moms and tull, then fill out the leveransförteckning for each, and then pay again to ship them to KB? This seems like a detrimental cost to a small independent business. Is there another way this can function given the way businesses are expanding across the internet? As I am at a bit of a loss right now for what precisely to do, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Jessica Augustsson


  • Hello,

    I understand your question as mainly concerning print on demand which is a kind of physical publishing, this however is a forum for legal deposit of digital materials (e-plikt). You can find our forum for physical (print) published material here, where I believe your question will receive a better answer: https://kundo.se/org/kb-pliktforum/

    The legal principle is that a publisher is only required to deliver either the digital or the analog version of a publication, not both. (There are exceptions to this rule, but none that would apply to your situation.)

    If your print publishing is not deemed to be subject to legal deposit, it could be the case that the digital versions are. Not all digital publications are subject to legal deposit - to find out if your publications match the criteria for e-legal deposit, either send an e-mail to e-plikt@kb.se or fill out the application at https://e-plikt.kb.se/ ("registrera dig som leverantör"). But, again, this would only apply if the PoD publications in question does not qualify for physical legal deposit - legal deposit is either physical or digital, not both.

    Kungliga biblioteket

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