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One large, merged, RSS feed or several individual feeds?

I am in the process of developing a feed to kb.se. We have many (100s) of Wordpress sites. New sites are being added every month.

Would it be best if we generated a single feed that combined everything, from all blogs for last 24 hours, or would it be better to submit a new RSS feed when a site is created?

Is there an API where new sites can be registered when they are created within our system?


  • We currently do not have an API for automatic registration of new RSS feeds so it likely be simplest for you if you had a single aggregated feed.

  • @Daniel

    Is it possible to split the feed into smaller parts?


  • There is no practical limitation on the amount of different feeds you have as long as those feeds follow our specification and items are presented in descending order of publish date.

    There is also no rule that a feed needs to represent a specific website, it would be perfectly fine have 100 sites divided between five feeds, for example.

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