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How to import old data whilst importing new content on daily basis?

I have a few questions about export old data, as well as freshly produced data. We are planning to produce a daily feed of the last 24hrs content to export to KB.

I have been told we should also export all of the old content.

Should we prepare one large export of all the old data as a one-off task, and then proceed with a daily export for new content? Should historical data be delivered via FTP?

Another hypothetical question I have is this; Can I produce an export file which includes content created between 1st November to 30th, 2016, and then the next day export a different set of content but covers the same range of dates. (Assuming the content is all sorted correctly within each file.)


  • Generally we've found that a one off export of historical content is the easiest solution. You can either provide a link to the statically generated export or send a copy of the exported data via email.

    We will then treat the exported feed as a normal feed and will only download each article one time.

    We would prefer either one single large export or possibly a small number of large exports rather than a large number of small exports.

    I can also mention that we would prefer to have the current feed up and running prior to running the exported retroactive feed.

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  • Thanks for the reply, answers all my questions!

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