FLAC streams for radio

I see that there are now some flac streams available - but I do not see them listed in the v2 API 

Will they appear there at some point (if yes - can you say when this might be)
If not - will there be a new API to list them?
Paul Webster


  • Hi Paul!
    There is only one Flac-stream that we hade communicated towards listeners yet, and that is P2:

    The Flac-stream of P2 is not included in our API as it is an experimental stream, but the experiment is solid enough to be communicated towards our audience. As we are testing various settings within the boundaries of a pilot project (a new streaming platform), you might find the stations P4 Plus and Radioapans Knattekanal in Flac as well, but those streams are not communicated towards the audience and might come and go more often than the more solid P2 in Flac.

    The ID:s listed in api.sr.se/api/v2/audiourltemplates/liveaudiotypes should be applicable on all of our stations, and thus the Flac-stream is not suitable there. And ... there is no need for an API to list one single stream:
    https://live1.sr.se/p2-flac (http:// is also working)

    Interesting how quickly the rumor of our "Flactivity" is spread!
    Annika Webbmaster
  • Thanks. I saw the post about the flac stream in one of the other (non API) posts.
    I use your API to generate data for my “Radio Now Playing” plugin for Logitech Media Server (LMS).
    I have made a quick manual update to add the higher rate flac and aac streams to the next beta update that I will push out later today.
    I have no idea how many listeners come via it (look for slimserver in your streaming logs) but would be interesting to see if it leads to some more high rate listening.
    I use your APIs to get song data as well (not using the embedded metadata). Unfortunately it is quite a long way behind the audio (90 seconds to a minute). I do not remember if this has always been the case.
    Paul Webster
  • Nice with the LMS plug in!
    Most Logitech-users I have been in contact with uses the mysqueezebox.com (and their Tunein function), but when I get in touch with LMS-users that might benefit from your plug in, I will let them know about it!

    The delay issue is a bit tricky. At the moment we have different latency for different stations (due to the pilot) and it also varies with bitrates and audio format. I have to check with the technicians who work more closely to the streaming process and get back to you next week! (If i recall a conversation correctly, we deliberately have extra latency on the Flac-stream.

    I understand that you use the streams (except from P2 in Flac!) via the API. Are you using any playlist (M3U or PLS)? Which formats and bitrates?

    Off topic:
    One Logitech-user I have been in contact with had a wish for a function that we no longer provide. I have hoped that some creative person should develop plug in that solves his issue:
    Podcast: Favorite to latest Epsiode - Squeezebox : Community : Forums (slimdevices.com)

    If you are looking for a new audio-project (or ar in contact with developers who are), solving this would make Jasell (and obviously Cadster as well) very happy ...

    Have a nice week end!
    Annika Webbmaster
  • I provide links directly to the streams (for mp3 something like h t t p s : / / http-live.sr.se/p1-mp3-192) and to the .m3u8 for the hls.
    However, I am not using the station list dynamically. Currently I ship the plugin with the stream URLs included in the plugin data. However, I made the list by using your API.

    Thanks for the link to the podcast question - I have posted to it with a question to see if the participants are still around.

    Attached is an example while P4 Plus is playing

    Paul Webster
  • also - ignore my comment about song timing being incorrect in the data returned from the API ... I just looked at the raw data will streaming and the timing was accurate - although the data appeared a bit late (I'll try with a URL uniquifier just in case it is being cached at an intermediate point).

    Anyway - I then took another look at my configuration data and I saw that I had put in a 70 second delay for your stations ... I assume it was because that is what I found I needed before (mid-2022) ... so I took it out and now (at least for P4 Plus) the end times are exactly correct.
    Paul Webster
  • Hold your horses!
    As I wrote, the latency in our pilot stations (P2, P4 Plus and Radioapans knattekanal) are different from all the others.

    I will get back to you next week, because this very moment my much needed weekend starts.
    Annika Webbmaster
  • I use your APIs to get song data as well (not using the embedded metadata).
    Embedded metadata is available on the stations that are part of the pilot: P2, P4 Plus and Radioapans Knattekanal. For these stations, using the embedded metadata instead of http://api.sr.se/api/v2/playlists/rightnow?channelid={id} can solve the problem of mismatching due to different latency than the "non pilot-stations".
    Annika Webbmaster
  • Thanks

    I had seen that the embedded ICY StreamTitle was accurate.

    I can configure my plugin to try to use both but it leads to problems when the API data is a long way out of sync with the ICY data because (at least at present) it is the most recent data that wins ... so it results in me setting the song info back to what it was before for about 50 seconds.

    Also - the ICY data does not provide the extra stuff like start/end times and cover art link that I get via your API. It is not a big issue because when I later get it from the API then I use it.

    Anyway - I'll try it again and see if I can tweak things to make it a bit more seamless.
    Paul Webster
  • A related thought ... I am cheating a bit and using
    because it has the link to cover art (if it points to the fallback art then search elsewhere to find some).
    I would use
    if it had albumarturl in it - then I could also expose the album name and label to the listener.
    Alternatively ...if you could add albumname and recordlabel to playerajax then that would be great as well.
    Paul Webster
  • Hm ... I need to check this with our specialists!
    /The generalist
    Annika Webbmaster
  • The specialist has spoken, and he said:
    We will not add album art nor album name + record label in the sources in the near future.
    Does the playerajax/audiometadata use some kind of audio fingerprint-service? With many stations presenting the content in different manners, a fingerprint-function seems to be a good way of solving this. It's not cheating. It is pragmatism!

    Does most of the stations you have included provide an API? Is there any station that has a really good API (or a nice documentation of their API) we can be inspired of the next time we give som love to our API (content and/or documentation)? Unfortunately I guess that too is not going to happen in the nearest future, but when it happens, I want it to be easy to use both for rookie-developers and experienced developers like you!
    Annika Webbmaster
  • The playerajax/audiometadata reference is what your own web site player that is at the bottom of your home page.
    It returns details of the currently playing programme and a set of songs with timestamps - and the song info looks like this:

    "title": "Wind Of Change",
    "artist": "Scorpions",
    "starttime": "2024-01-17T11:56:47+01:00",
    "endtime": "2024-01-17T12:00:22+01:00",
    "starttime_seconds": null,
    "endtime_seconds": null,
    "albumarturl": "https://i.scdn.co/image/af75e95f0708055377c64d0c0510af327fee21cd"

    Please don't remove it because for some of the stations that play Swedish music the album art URL is very useful because it is quite likely that I am not able to find it elsewhere.
    I do not do any audio fingerprinting.

    Very few of the stations (broadcasters) that I have this working for provide any documented API.
    From memory, I found your documentation helpful.
    Paul Webster
  • Ok, thanks for clarifying!
    Annika Webbmaster

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