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Vacation days already earned when leaving the job?

I am leaving my job as I am moving to another country. What will happen to my earned vacation days I should be getting 'next' year?
My last day of employment will be in February so I won't reach the April 1 date. Will I be compensated for them?
Don't know exactly what to expect in the process.
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  • The general rule is that paid vacation days that you have earned but not yet used will be paid as a sum of money at the latest a month after your employment has ended. In other words, the earned but not yet used paid vacation days aren't meant to disappear when the employment ends.

    How much paid vacation you might have earned but not yet used depends on how many vacation days you are entitled to every year, how long you have worked, if you have saved any paid vacation days from previous years and so on.

    If you have any in depth questions regarding this, you are welcome to contact our helpline for members of Sveriges Arkitekter at 08-505 577 00.
    Isac Jonsson Förbundsjurist
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