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Tvingad semester under uppsägningstid?


I have a question if company may force me to take vacations during the uppsäggningstid (pga arbetsbrist)?
The office usually closes from the second week of July (July,6) for three weeks, however my last working day is July,15. I didn't apply for any vacation leave, but the office says that as vacation dates were announced before my lay-off, I have to take two weeks of vacation in July (July,6-July,15). The office also has korttidspermittering 80% in July. I do not intend to take any vacations until the end of my notice period. Do I have a right to do it?

Thank you in advance!
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  • I understand that the employer first decided your vacation and that you then were let go due to redundancy ("uppsagd på grund av arbetsbrist" in Swedish).

    If there is decided vacation during the notice period ("uppsägningstid" in Swedish) and you are let go due to redundancy you may demand that the vacation during the notice period is removed so that you don't have vacation during your notice period, provided that your notice period is no longer than six months.
    Isac Jonsson Förbundsjurist
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