Notice time to terminate a job

I have started to work as permanent employee with 6 months trial in May and now I got a new job offer. Is it possible to terminate my current job? How long in advance should I do that?
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  • I understand that you have gotten a job that you haven't yet started. If you for some reason don't want to start that job anymore you should treat it as if you were resigning from a job that you have already started. In other words, inform the employer that you quit/aren't going to start the job and make sure to inform the employer at least as long before you were to start the job as the notice period is.

    How long that notice period are might depend on if there is a collective bargaining agreement ("kollektivavtal" in Swedish) or if there is a clause about it in your employment contract.

    A trial employment (“provanställning” in Swedish) does not have a notice period if the employee wants to the end the employment unless there is a collective bargaining agreement or a clause about it in the employment contract.
    Isac Jonsson Förbundsjurist
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