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Add an option/setting to not use GPS

The app tries to get a GPS lock constantly while running (even continues for a few seconds after exiting the app). Could you please add an option not to use GPS, or make the app search for GPS only when needed? Constant GPS search drains battery, is not needed for many uses (such as finding a route between two known locations), and useless much of the time (such as when using the app underground, or even inside a bus if you don't have a very strong GPS receiver).


Jan Ivar Korsbakken


  • Hi, GPS should only be activated when needed. This means searches based your location, from the journey planner or nearby stops and when the map sections is opened. If you are searching with stop names the GPS should not be activated. The GPS is disabled as quick as possible after these actions has completed, sometimes it can take a bit longer to shutdown that service but that is handled by the Android system.

    I'll consider an option for toggling GPS, but it should be fairly limited already. I have some work planned to improve fetching the current location where I believe the app could piggyback on other applications usage of the GPS much more than it already does.

    Johan Berg Nilsson

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