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Which course is required to visit a specific site?

Which course is required to visit a specific site?


  • Good afternoon,
    I'm a safety officer in the Netherlands and we are getting Swedish en Danisch people to work here. Now, we have a safety certification called VCA, my question is:
    Which safety certificate/training from scandinavia equals or is accepted in The Netherlands? All we are seeïng is a SSG-ACCES card.

    With kind regards
  • Hi Henk,

    There are several similar safety courses all over Europe, but it is totally up to the plants to decide if the SSG Entre courses are "valid" or not.

    You can read more about the SSG Entre concept here

    Thomas Björling Supportadministratör
  • Hi,
    What courses are required for the Ronnskar site
    Andy Jones
  • Hi Andy,

    This page lists all facilities connected to SSG and what course requirements they demand on their contractors,

    When an SSG Entre administrator assigns a course, it is possible to choose which facility the user should visit and then receive information on which courses apply as admission requirements there.

    If you are still unsure which courses to take, we always recommend contacting the facility yourself.

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