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Where do I find information about the users’ courses?

If you are an administrator you find the information about your users’ trainings, and its status, under Courses in the left menu. Choose the category Courses overview to find the relevant list.


  • Hello,

    Please inform me with the trainings we need for our staff working on Nynas Refinery.
  • Hello,

    When the administrator is about to assign courses in the administration tool they choose which site they are going to visit from a list - and thereby get the information about which courses are required for that specifik site.
    Petra Sahlén
  • I am administrator over 100 people in the company, how do i check status for completion of all employees all together without clicking each name specifically. 

  • To check course status for your workers go to Courses in your administration tool where you find the course overview list.

    Petra Sahlén
  • From where can I download diploma?
  • Hi Katarzyna!

    This is no longer handled by administrators. Instead all users that have valid courses can download diplomas themselves from within our course portal.
  • Hello,
    I have a worker with valid course. What steps should he take in order to download the diploma?

  • Hi Razvan,

    Here is a guide how to find his diploma:
    1. Log in as a student.
    2. Click on Learning.
    3. Click on the course for which he wants a diploma.
    4. Click on the button Diploma to print the diploma.

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