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Where do I find information about the users’ courses?

Where in the system can I find information about my users courses?


  • I am administrator over 100 people in the company, how do i check status for completion of all employees all together without clicking each name specifically. 

  • To check course status for your workers go to Courses in your administration tool where you find the course overview list.

    Petra Sahlén
  • From where can I download diploma?
  • Hi Katarzyna!

    This is no longer handled by administrators. Instead all users that have valid courses can download diplomas themselves from within our course portal.
  • Hello,
    I have a worker with valid course. What steps should he take in order to download the diploma?

  • Hi Razvan,

    Here is a guide how to find his diploma:
    1. Log in as a student.
    2. Click on Learning.
    3. Click on the course for which he wants a diploma.
    4. Click on the button Diploma to print the diploma.

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