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How do I assign courses to my users?

How do I assign courses to my users?


  • Hi Rebecca,

    As an administrator, you are responsible for assigning courses. To assign a course, please follow the instructions below:

    • Log in at SSG Standard Solutions Group
    • Once logged in, select Learning admin
    • Click on Assign courses
    • Select plant in the drop down menu, and all the mandatory courses for that specific plant will show and be selectable. Add them to the cart and click Next.
    • Select users and then click Next again.
    • At the final step you get to check and confirm the order by clicking Confirm order.
    Once the order has been confirmed, an e-mail with an invitation to the courses will be sent to the users.
    Sofia Supportadministratör
  • Hello Team,
    I want to assign a course to a consultant, but I can't find the user in the list to assign.
  • Hi Sandhiya,

    If the user is not yet invited to the company, you need to do so before assigning a course, please see instructions on how to invite a user:
    • Go to Users.  
    • You will find Invite user to the right of the search field.
    • Fill in first and last name and click on Continue. (If the person already has an account, it is in this first step that you connect the person to the company by matching with first and last name and either social security number or access card number).
    • Fill in the mandatory information and Send invite.
    The user will then receive a link he follows to accept the invitation/create an account.

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