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How to find catchment characteristics of Ätran catchment

I am a master student at the University of Oslo, and I write my thesis now about dissolved organic matter in waters systems in the catchment of Ätran in Sweden, among other things. Thus I am interested in finding a source to some basic information about this catchment, as area, river length, vegetation etc. May you help me with this please?
Daniel Fikstvedt Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Dear Daniel,
    Thanks for the question. You can find easily this information from our Vattenwebb site: https://vattenwebb.smhi.se .Select "Modelldata per område" or click on this link: https://vattenwebb.smhi.se/modelarea/
    then zoom to Ätran river and click on the outlet point or write AROID number for Ätran: 631375-129884 in the search box and click. The catchment information will appear on the screen. More info you find by downloading the excel file, click on "Ladda ned data (xls)".
    Please dont hesitate to ask us if have any trouble in getting the info.

    Allmänhetens Hydrolog

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