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Registration of punching card /SI card

Where do I register my punching card / sportident-card?
O-Ringen O-Ringen Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Your Sportident card will be registered and connected to you on your way to the starts during the competition days so no pre registration is made. This is a new process from 2018.
    Tomas Öberg Deltagarservice
  • Where exactly is please the competition centre where we can collect the starting packages.
    What is the latest possibility to get them. We are arriving on Saturday late afternoon.
    Gernot Türk
  • Hi Gernot!
    The place where the number bibs are printed is located in Fjällräven Center, which is an arena located in the O-Ringen town. It is open until 9 pm on Saturday, but in case you can't get there in time and don't have anyone who can get them for you it is also possible to get them at the arena on the first day. Please keep in mind that there might be a long queue to get them at the arena.
    Welcome to O-Ringen!
    Johanna Näslund

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