Oringen 2021 - Covid 19

We are now seven months from the competition, and Covid situation in Sweden, or anywhere really, is not too good. Vaccine programs are starting, but it is clear that the pandemic will not be over in summer 2021. How are you going to organise Oringen 2021, so that you are _allowed_ to make it happen, to begin with? Then consider the possible travel restrictions between Sweden, and in my case, Finland. Could you somehow influence the ferry operators, to offer safe transportation to a large number of Finns wanting to participate in Oringen?
Markku Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi Markku,

    we have full understanding for your concerns. We don't have all answers at the moment but have a good hope to be able to organize O-Ringen in Uppsala 2021. Unfortunately we can't say for sure yet, we probably won't have the full situation of the pandemic until maybe in April. The Swedish authorities have good hope of haveing all adults vaccined before summer (maybe even some months before). We can however not organize safe travels to and from O-Ringen, that is up to the ferry / train /flight operators to ensure but the vaccin will help a lot with that.

    We are constantly updated on regulations but for now and some months ahead lets just hope the vaccines are being delivered as planned!

    Happy new years!
    Jessica Sörndal Ekonomi och Deltagarservicechef

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