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Difficulty level, booking conditions and terms

If I want a level of difficulty 'intermediate' (orange, red or purple) how do I match that with the classes of main, short, recreational or challenge?
Also, I am from New Zealand, so if I enter now and then I am unable to come what is your refund / cancellation policy?
Thank you,
Greg Bate Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi Greg!

    On our homepage, if you look under the topic competition you can find descriptions on all our classes where the difficulty level is listed, here is Challenge 5-days as an example:

    http://oringen.se/213/english/uppsala-2020/competition/our-competitions/5-days/challenge-classes.html. Each challenge class has different length (in km) and difficulty. You'll find similar descriptions for the other competitions as well.

    Better to wait with your booking until you know if you can participate or not. We don't do refunds or cancellations. You can sell you start to someone else but you will have to find that person by your self. There is also a fee (200 Sek) to go through with that change. You'll find more details in our booking terms on this site: https://nordictravel.se/o-ringen-terms-and-conditions/

    Welcome to O-Ringen Uppsala!

    Jessica Sörndal
  • hi,

    Does Category is defined by year, or exact date?
    e.g - born in Nov 1975 am I H40 or H45?

  • Hi!

    It is defined by the year you were born (the same as in school).

    Welcome to O-Ringen Uppsala!
    Jessica Sörndal
  • Hi.
    Can write me about hard surface that how looking room and near to Camp place?Have a look photo?
  • Hi Ferenc,

    We are right now in the process of deciding where the hard accommodation will be situated. When we have more information it will be published on oringen.se

    This accommodation is of a simple standard, usually in classrooms in a school or equivalent. 3x2 m of your own space and you bring your own sleeping bag and mattress. You can choose to stay in a men, women or mixed room. Usually no kitchen facilities. As close as possible to the O-Ringen City camping and buses for the stages (not more than 2 km).

    Kind regards,
    Sofia Gyllenswärd
  • Hallo!
    Wir haben uns 2020 für O-Ringen angemeldet und möchten nun 2021 in Uppsala starten.
    Was müssen wir tun? Bezahlt war alles, auch die Trainingskarten.
    Herzliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz
    Mirjam Niederhauser
  • Hallo Mirjam,

    vielen Dank für diene Anfrage.

    Wir werden Trainingskarten für den Frühling anbieten. Diese werden ferdig sein am 1. Mai 2021. Ihre Bestellung bleibt also bis dahin bestehen.

    Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, können Sie uns gerne erneut kontaktieren!

    Schöne Grüße
    Anna Wennertorp
    Anna Wennertorp Marknad, upplevelse & deltagarservice
  • Dear O-friends
    We expect entering some additional members from our club. However, in order to simplify the administrative and payments procedures, we will do it in one single bunch. Could you please tell us what is the date of the next entry fee increase?
    Many thanks in advance and tale care.
    Jacques Hofmans
  • Hello Jaques,

    it will be a small adjustment of the prices on the 1st of february (ca 5 % increase overall). We are now on a price level with 20 % off from our regular prices - we will keep this 20 % until April/May (the exact date is not yet specified but we will inform you as soon a we know).

    Kind regards,
    Anna Wennertorp Marknad, upplevelse & deltagarservice
  • Hey! I booked to last year O-ringen but because it was canceled I moved my booking to the next year. However, my class will change due this year, but in the booking services I´m still registered to my last year class. What should I do?
  • Hello Lassi,

    thank you for your e-mail.

    Log in at this link ( http://integration.oringen.se/bookings/Edit )  to see your booking. You can only change the class in the booking. To change other information you need to contact our Booking service at oringen@nordictravel.se. Log in with your booking reference and e-mail.

    When you log in the entire booking becomes visible meaning all participants at the same booking reference. Under each name you can find the following:

    • Red marked box – change of class is required since year of birth does not match the class. Choose your new class to the right.
    • Yellow marked box – change of class is not required but the year of birth does not match the class. If you want to change the class – select your new class to the right.
    When your changes are made – press Save changes. Your updates will then be sent to our booking services and we handle the changes sequentially. Due to a lot of updates in our bookings we have longer answering times than usual, we kindly ask for your patience. You will recieve a new booking confirmation when your change is registered.

    Welcome to O-Ringen Uppsala 2021!

    Anna Wennertorp Marknad, upplevelse & deltagarservice
  • Hello,
    Do you have any suggestion about final deadline to decide if O-ringen 2021 will happen?
    What is the current situation, and the forecast?


    Jan Stembera
  • Hello Jan,

    we are still hopeful that we can arrange O-Ringen this summer. We will try to take a decision as late as possible to wait for a hopefully positive development in general society with lower risk and spread of infection, successful vaccination et cetera. But a decision must obviously be taken within a reasonable time frame so by early May we will probably know if O-Ringen Uppsala 2021 can be held or not.

    Kind regards,
    Anna Wennertorp Marknad, upplevelse & deltagarservice
  • Will it be possible to do both Trail-O and Orienteering on the same day. If not in the regular classes, would you recommend an Open class or aStage entry?

    Is there a minimum age for Miniknat? How long is a miniknat course aproximately (if not taking all the wrong turns :-)
  • Is there a class for children that can go with a parent, together?
  • There are short distances between our arenas and of course you can combine the two. You can choose our open classes and then you have a free starting time that suits you so you can participate at Trail-O before or after. Our stage start has also open start times.

    There is no minimum age for Miniknat. The course is app 500 m and there are no wrong turns just funny turns :-).

    Anna Wennertorp Marknad, upplevelse & deltagarservice
  • A parent can follow their child at Inskolning and u-class.

    Anna Wennertorp Marknad, upplevelse & deltagarservice

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