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Will you cease the practice of scalding chicken alive?

I recently became aware that Kronfågel is slaughtering chickens through live scalding. I find this extremely inhumane. While I have always been very happy with the quality and pricing of Kronfågel chicken, I cannot continue to buy it if this practice is not replaced with a more humane slaughtering method.


  • Hi Michaela!
    Thanks for caring. We do care to. We are of course very sad about what happened.

    When we discovered the problem, in one of our internal controls, we immediately reinforced the manual monitoring with extra control personnel after the machine which cuts the throat of the chicken, to catch any faulty stitches.
    - Among other things, we have bought new machine equipment which we are now calibrating to solve the problem.
    - We are currently installing another technical solution after the inspection of the first machine, to achieve our zero vision.

    Overall, we have a functioning slaughter process, even if - as in this case - there are sometimes deviations.

    We work to solve the problem as soon as possible.

    For more facts, please read here (in Swedish but I put it here for you. 

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.
  • Thank you for the impressive answer and for caring about this as much as your customers. Thank you, also, for not hesitating to confront this error, however unfortunate, so that we can all know that the company is committed to moving forward and doing better. I'm glad that you are taking multiple steps to ensure the welfare of the chickens in this process, and I support anything Kronfågel does in this regard, even if it means I need to pay a little more. The same is true for environmental measures to reduce the impact associated with meat consumption, e.g. livestock farming and processing methods, and product manufacturing, packaging, etc. I was pleased to see less dyes being used in your packaging to make soft plastics more able to be recycled effectively, and would love to see a large percentage of your packaging also use recycled materials.

    I will definitely read the page you shared (sorry for using English. It's hard to express myself so clearly on a complicated and unfamiliar topic in Swedish). I am happy that I will be able to continue to support your brand. The quality of your products--even those that are frozen--is excellent and much enjoyed when treating ourselves to eat poultry.
  • Dear Michaela!
    Thank you for yourkind words.🙏We are so happy to hear that you still trust our brand and products. So thank you for you support.
    best regards,

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