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Local flora of Göteborg and biodiversity

Hi !
I am sorry if my question is in english, it is still very hard for me to find specific information in Swedish.
Your garden is always beautiful, and it's really a pleasure to walk through it !

I would have some questions concerning the local flora of Göteborg, and I hope it is not outside the scope of this forum.

I bought an appartment, and have access to a little piece of garden.

I would like to dedicate some of it to local flora species that would in turn help support the local biodiversity.

Could you please point me toward good ressources on the topic ? (swedish probably ... I really need to get better at it)

Also in your opinion, do you have a list of good candidates? Or species that are necessary for some threatened species of insects/polinators/etc?

I thank you very much for your time, and wish you a nice day !


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