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Why is the apply button inactivated?

Hi, I am unable to apply for the ads,  the Apply button is all greyed out and I can't click it.


  • Hi Muna, thank you for your question!

    There might be a few different reasons why the Apply button is not active.
    Make sure that you :
    • have paid the fee for the current period. 
    • have not already applied for five published apartments. (You may apply for no more than five published apartments at a time). 
    • meet the terms and requirements for the apartment. (If you do not meet the terms, the ad is marked with a red cross).
    • have submitted your contact information on My Pages / Contact.
    • have completed your profile page My Pages / My Profile.
    Do you need help to pay the fee, or to submit the required information on My Pages?

    Click here to e-mail Boplats customer support  or call us: +46 31 100 250.
    Elin, Boplats Göteborg

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