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Can I get an apartment via boplats even if I own a home?

Hi, I am already registered on boplats for 3 years and I am still waiting in line to get some apartment in Gothenburg. But in the meantime I am thinking about buying a house or summer house on the country side, like Östra Frölanda area. My question is, if I Decide to buy and become owner I will still able to apply for accommodation through Boplats?
thank you in advance for your answer 😀


  • Hi Thomasz, thank you for your question!

    Yes, you may apply for rental apartments at boplats.se even if you own a home. However, you are generally not allowed so sign a lease for a rental apartment if you intend to also keep your other home.

    When you are about to sign a lease, you will also need to sign a "certificate of permanent recidency". I.e. you will need certify that you will sell your previous home and use the rental apartment as your permanent recidence.
    Elin, Boplats Göteborg

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