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My daughter is coming to göteborg to study. How can we get flat?

My daughter is coming to göteborg to study.we need flat during staying in Sweden. How can we get flat from bostadsförmeding . And how can we get in the waiting list (in bostad kö). She's Swedish citizen but she hasn't been in Sweden . Please would you would you please let us know how can we do that. Thank you for your help.


  • Hi Marya, thank you for your question!

    It usually takes a few years before you get an apartment through Boplats, as there are already many people waiting in the housing queue.

    All apartments at boplats.se are distributed based on the individual queue time, (Days at Boplats), of the applicants. The applicant who has the most Days at Boplats and also meets the terms set by the landlord will be offered the contract.

    As a paying member at boplats.se you collect queue time in the form of Days at Boplats. You can sign up and pay the fee to start collecting Days at Boplats on our web page.
    Click here to sign up. 

    It’s hard to say just how long you will have to wait – the queue time required may vary depending on what areas you are interested in, how many rooms you need, and your upper limit for rent. In every apartment ad at boplats.se, you can see what the terms are for that specific apartment and how many applicants are before you. Those who are before you have more Days at Boplats than you do. Follow this link to read more.
    Elin, Boplats Göteborg

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