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I am already logged in, why can't I apply?

Hello! I'm already logged in, why can't I apply?


  • Hi, thank you for your question!

    There might be a few different reasons why the Apply button is not active.
    Make sure that you :
    • have paid the fee for the current period. 
    • have not already applied for five published apartments. (You may apply for no more than five published apartments at a time). 
    • meet the terms and requirements for the apartment. (If you do not meet the terms, the ad is marked with a red cross).
    • have submitted your contact information on My Pages / Contact.
    • have completed your profile page My Pages / My Profile.

    You also must have a Swedish personnummer or samordningsnummer in order to apply for apartments at boplats.se, as the landlords need it to do a credit check.
    Read more about personnummer at the Swedish tax authorities web site.

    Do you need help to pay the fee, or to submit the required information on My Pages? Click here to e-mail Boplats customer support  or call us at +46 31 100 250.
    Elin, Boplats Göteborg

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