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Can I apply for housing as a student with family?

Can I apply for housing being a student? I am admitted in University of Gothenburg in Master's Program of 2 years and I will be moving with my family spouse and a kid 2.5 years. So should I pay the fees of Boplats in order to be in queue for housing and start applying for houses as my classes with start in august and will be moving to Gothenburg in July. Please respond so I can proceed. Thankyou


  • Hi Muhammad, thank you for your question!

    Most student apartments have only one room and can only house one person. But about 20% of the student apartments advertised on Boplats are bigger, with two or three rooms, and those apartments can house a family. There are of course also regular apartments (not targeted specifically at students) that you may apply for. 

    You can sign up at boplats.se, pay the fee and start to collect queue days at Boplats before you arrive i Sweden. The apartments that are advertised at boplats.se are very popular, and due to the housing shortage in Gothenburg it may take a few years to get a first hand contract. So if you are planning on staying in Sweden it is a good idea to sign up early on.

    In order to apply for apartments at boplats.se when you have arrived in Sweden, you will need a Swedish personnummer. When you have recieved a Swedish personnummer you can contact us and we'll help you to add it to your Boplats account.
    Read more about personnummer on the Swedish tax authorities web site.

    Learn more about student housing on the University’s website and on SGS student housing's website:


    Brochures with general information on how to look for housing are available on the City of Gothenburg's website:


    Elin, Boplats Göteborg

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