How do I calculate my income?

I have income that is not taxed and income that is taxed. How do I calculate that?


  • Hi Robin, thank you for your question!

    When you fill in your estimated annual income before tax at, you calculate it based on the income you have at present.

    NOTE: If you have income in another currency, you need to convert it to SEK when submitting it at

    Here's how to calculate your income!
    • Income that is taxable.
      Multiply your monthly gross salary by 12.
    • Income that is non-taxable.
      Some income, like student loans, may be non-taxable. To be able to compare it with a taxable income you should multiply it by 1.5. You then multiply by 12 to get the annual income.
    • Both taxable and non-taxable income.
      Calculate them separately, as per above, and add the sums together.

    Calculation example: Person with salary (taxable income) and student loan (non-taxable income).
    • Income:
      Monthly gross salary of 10 000 SEK
      Monthly student loan of 3 000 SEK
    • Calculation:
      Salary: 10 000 SEK × 12 = 120 000 SEK
      Student loan: 3 000 SEK × 1,5 × 12 = 54 000 SEK
      Annual income in total: 120 000 SEK + 54 000 SEK = 174 000 SEK
    • Estimated annual income before tax: 174 000 SEK

    Elin, Boplats Göteborg
  • How do I calculate supplemental housing allowance from Pensionsmyndigheten? Do I multiply by 1.5? It is not taxed.
  • Hi Robin!

    Yes, all types non-taxable incomes should to be multiplied by 1,5 when you calculate your annual income before taxes.
    Elin, Boplats Göteborg

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