Apartment exchange link?

Which link do I need to go to in order to exchange my apartment. My current apartment is small and I would like to exchange it to something bigger.


  • Hi Rita, thank you for your question!

    Boplats does not have an exchange service, but there are several other websites for apartment exchange. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before registering and posting an exchange ad, so you know how much it costs to advertise and what you're paying for.

    There are two ways to exchange apartments with someone else.

    • Direct exchange: A direct exchange means that you exchange the lease with another tenant that you find yourself via an exchange advertisement. You and the person you are going to exchange with must have approval from your respective landlords before you can exchange apartments.
    • Internal relocation queues: If you have a first-hand contract with Poseidon, Familjebostäder, Bostadsbolaget or Gårdstensbostäder, you can search for apartments internally with your landlord. Contact your landlord for more information on how to register and search for relocation apartments.

    Elin, Boplats Göteborg

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