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3 months Salary Slips required, have only been employed for 2 months.


I have been offered an apartment at boplats and I need to upload my 3 months latest salary slips.

The problem is, I am new to Sweden and I have been employed from 1st February 2022, which means that I have received just 2 months salary yet. Hence I can not produce 3 months salary slips. But i can provide it when i receive it in this month's end.

I have my Employee Contract and work letter if that helps.

Could you please comment if its okay to upload just 2 months salary slips?

Thanks for your Support

Best Regards,


  • Hi, thank you for contacting us!

    Yes, since you are new at your current job and therefore only have two payment slips, it's ok if you just upload those two. It should also be visible on your employment contract/ employer certificate that you have recently started this job.
    Elin, Boplats Göteborg
  • Hello,

    Thanks for your reply! And Thanks for your understanding!

    Just to make things clear, I started my Employment in Sweden on the 1st of February 2022 and I got my Salary on 25th March.

    I have been paid for these 2 months in a single combined payslip on 25th march, since I did not have a bank account in the month of February.

    I shall start receiving regular monthly payslips now on from the month of April 2022 onwards.

    Thanks Again and have a great day ahead!

    Best Regards,

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