Wholemeal bread

I have tried making wholemeal bread with my Ankarsrum assitent and it doesn’t seem to knead very well is there any procedure to follow? the white bread turns out great
many thanks Lee west

Lee west


  • Hi Lee,

    I would advise you to look into autolysis, which is a process that starts breaking down proteins in the flour without processing. Check this article for more info: Using the autolyse method | King Arthur Baking

    Mix most of the water and flour, the mixture should be wet i.e. no dry spots with flour. Let the dough rest for 20-60 minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients. Rest time is different for all types of flour, some need more time, some less. You will have to research this on your own depending on the flour you use.

     This improves elasticity and flavour and will hopefully make processing easier. 😀
    Johan Customer Service

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