Which whisks when?

I've got some questions about the whisks, there's the balloon whisks and the cookie beaters. When am I supposed to use these variations? What's the difference?


  • Hello,

    Balloon whisks:
    These are used when you whisk softer contents such as cream, eggs, pancake batter or spunge cake batter, mostly on high speeds.

    Cookie beaters:
    These are for smaller doughs that are based on room temp butter, for example pie doughs, cookie doughs and different toppings such as frosting or buttercream.
    Johan Customer Service
  • Hi there, neither beaters are reaching the bottom of the bowl. It’s leaving stuff in mixed on the bottom. (Creaming eggs and butter)  How can that be fixed? Thanks!
    Jay Bristow
  • Hello Jay,

    reach out to your local distributor and they will let you know how to proceed with this, see link below.

    Distributors - Ankarsrum Sweden
    Johan Customer Service
  • My beaters have broken teeth. Is this something covered under warranty?
  • Hello Sueann,

    I would advise you to follow the same advice I gave Jay and contact your local distributor.
    Johan Customer Service

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