Tightening Knob

I can't seem to get the arm to lock into position.  I tighten it as much as I physically can, to the point where it's difficult for me to loosen  it - but it still moves when the dough roller is working, so I can't lock it the recommended distance from the side of the bowl.
Amy Ruch


  • Hi Amy!

    Does it stay in position relative to the edge of the bowl? Because it's supposed to sway towards the middle of the bowl to let the dough pass, but then it should return to the set distance again.
    Johan Customer Service
  • I didn’t realize it was supposed to move at all when tightened. It’s working properly if that’s the case! Thank you.
    Amy Ruch
  • Hi Amy, check out our Masterclass using the Dough Roller and this should help you better understand how the arm is designed and let us know if you have any other questions.

    Ashley VP Sales & Marketing

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