The plastic whisking bowl

I find it difficult to add dry ingredients into the bowl after creaming butter, sugar and eggs, either standing still or while the bowl is turning. The central column makes it difficult. The KitchenAid mixers have as an accessory, a bowl with a lidcover, with a funnel/shoot kind of attachment. Do you have something of this kind? Also, which beaters do you recommend for incorporating beaten egg whites?
Barbara Green


  • Hi Barbara,

    sorry, we do not have that funnel-lid thing, I think you mean sort of the ones bosch uses for their food processors?

    About the beaters, depends on what you want to incorporate them in (if I'm understanding you correctly). Balloon whisks are for runny mixes, batter, whipping cream or meringue, while the cookie beaters is made to handle tougher mixes like cookie dough.
    Johan Customer Service

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