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The dough hook rests against the bottom of the stainless bowl.

Where is the screw to adjust the hook off the bottom of the bowl?
Loni Bier


  • Hello Loni,

    it should be installed at the bottom of the connector for the dough hook. Where are you located? I'll need you to contact your local distributor in order to have them help you with this issue. See link below for contact info. 

    Distributors - Ankarsrum Sweden
    Johan Customer Service
  • I am located in Daleville, Virginia.  Is there a screw at the bottom of the hole that the dough hook goes into  that can be adjusted?

    Thanks, Johan!

    Loni Bier
  • Hi,

    there should be, but if your hook rests too low, it might be missing. Please do reach out to our american distributor, BBI Wholesale for more info on how to solve this issue.

    BBI Wholesale
    Phone: +1-770-516-5000
    Johan Customer Service
  • Hello my dough hook rests at the bottom of the bowl also, the video said there is an adjustable screw but mine is missing. Best way to resolve?

  • Hi Dawn,

    same as the above, reach out to your local distributor for help.
    Johan Customer Service

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