The accessory pin

The pin to attach the roller is stuck in the up position. Doesnt seem obstructed but i cant get it down for the life of me
Eric Jones


  • Hi Eric,

    some things to try:

    * Lubricate with some food grade oil and let it sit for a while, to see if the oil might dissolve any flour/water mix that might have dried up and glued the pin to the arm.
    * Tap gently with a rubber mallet if the pin is still stuck after doing the above.

    If you still can't move the pin, reach out to your local distributor and they will let you know how to proceed with this, see link below.

    Distributors - Ankarsrum Sweden
    Johan Customer Service
  • This fixed it thank you. Wife left the pin "gunked" up when she removed the roller. Rubber mallet loosened it up enough to get it down to clean it. Will keep it oiled!
    Eric Jones
  • Great news Eric,

    I'm starting to believe super glue is just a flour + water mix 😉
    Johan Customer Service

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