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Sticky pasta with pasta discs?

I've made a pasta dough according to your recipe, based on durum wheat flour. When running the pasta trough the mincer it gets very sticky and clogs up. I've tried using more flour but it does not make a difference.


  • Our recommendation is to use even more flour, as too much moisture will make the dough sticky.
    Johan Customer Service
  • I’ve had the same issue with the pasta discs. I kept adding more flour and nothing worked so I gave up and never want to use it again. But I ran into another problem. I can’t remove the pasta disc from grinder. I can’t unscrew the gear looking piece so until I get that figured out I can’t even use the meat grinder ever.
  • Hello Timera,

    reach out to your local distributor and they will let you know how to proceed with this, see link below.

    Distributors - Ankarsrum Sweden
    Johan Customer Service

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