Sourdough bread

what are the amounts of sourdough, the flour and the water to use the night before making sourdogh bread?  Ie, your recipe calls for 250 g of starter to begin making the dough - but no instructions as to how to arrive at 250 g of starter.
Marilyn Gilbert


  • Hi Marilyn,

    you need a sourdough starter, I don't have a recipe for that on our website, but there's plenty different guides on how to get started online. You can also purchase sourdough starter in store or from bakeries.
    Johan Customer Service
  • I do make sourdough bread. Just surprised you didn’t show a recipe for  YOUR starter with the bread recipe. Would you like me to send you some suggestions for a starter?
    Marilyn Gilbert
  • Hi,

    sorry, there was one on our Swedish website, not translated and uploaded to the english site yet though. I've translated it for you.

    Sourdough Starter
    200g water (104 degrees Fahrenheit)
    60g organic wheat flour

    Day 1 Mix 100g water (104 degrees Fahrenheit) with 30g flour in a clean glass jar with a snap-on lid, then close the lid. Place the sourdough base in a location in the kitchen where it's not too cold.

    Day 2 & 3 Remove the lid and stir in the morning and evening, but don't fully close the lid.

    Day 4 Remove the lid and stir. Pour out almost all of the sourdough base, but save what remains at the bottom of the jar and on the edges. Feed it with 100g water (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and 30g flour, then stir. Allow the lid to sit loosely on the jar.

    Day 5 By now, the sourdough base should be bubbly, doubled in size, and ready to bake with. If the sourdough base isn't bubbly, let it sit for another day, place it in a warmer location, or feed it a few more times.
    Johan Customer Service
  • I would like to know the capacity for your mixer for sourdough bread dough. My dough for each loaf is typically 500gr flour and 350 gr water plus starter. How many loaves could your mixer comfortably handle in one batch? Or the maximum amount of ingredients in grams the machine can mix at one time on a regular basis.
  • Hi Michelle,

    general guideline says 5kg or 7 liters. So up to five batches of that dough should be doable, depending on the size of the starter.

    Johan Customer Service
  • Can I make whole grain (heavier) sourdough recipes with the Ankasarum Assistant? 600 watt? I just returned a KitchenAid Artisan because it couldn’t handle one loaf batch of multigrain bread.
    Becky Mowat
  • Hi Becky,

    no problem!
    Johan Customer Service
  • Thank you Johan! And when does the newly launched Ankasarum (1400 watts) become available in Canada?
    Becky Mowat
  • Hi,

    the 1500w is only available in Europe. They run two completely different motors/electronics due to different voltages in Europe and North America. This does however not have a big effect on dough kneading capabilities thanks to the powerful gearbox.
    Johan Customer Service

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