I make bread twice a week no problems until now! The roller pin rides up letting the roller com off what? Why? How can I prevent this I make one to two loaves at a time only comes off in kneading cycle otherwise love it and have sold a few for you I sell them on it then send them to sites to purchase. Can’t drag it out of my hands but if I need to I’ll tape that pin down or stand buy it during kneading. Just tell me what I need to do here.  Thanks
Edna Summers


  • Hello Edna,

    usually there's some debris inside the roller or stuck on the pin. You need to clean the inside of the roller and pin thoroughly and grease the pin a little bit with food grade oil. That will most likely make the pin stop climbing out of the roller.
    Johan Customer Service
  • Thank you little black grease looking stuff I liked with food grade mineral oil thank you
    Edna Summers

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