Removing attachments

Grated carrots for cake and now cannot detach the cutter.  No help online and offices are closed. Help please! Very frustrating.


  • Hello Gina,

    you mean the veggie cutter i assume? Remove the gray locking cap and the drum inside, unscrew the locking wing nut and try to wiggle the cutter loose, does that work for you?
    Johan Customer Service
  • Is there An easy way to remove the wire whisks and beater other than jus pulling them off?
  • Hi Sharon, pulling them straight off is the way to remove them. You might find that it is easier to place the beater housing flat on your counter with the beaters sticking straight up in the air. Taking one hand, place it in the middle of the beaters and hold the housing down while using your other hand to pull up on the beaters.
    Ashley VP Sales & Marketing

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