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Pin moves up and Roller falls off

When making bread dough, after about 3 minutes of kneading, the pin has worked its way up so far, the roller falls off the arm. I have to continually watch it and keep pushing the pin down. The machine is about 1 year old. Is there any thing I can do to prevent this?

Clinton Smith


  • Hi Clinton.
    Thank you for yor question.
    This will sometimes happen if soap has dried inside your roller which gives the pin something to grab onto and during mixing the pin can climb up and out of the roller. Take a pen or pencil, wrap a napkin or paper towel around it and put it down in the roller to make sure it is all clean and dry. Clean off the pin with a damp cloth and then put a bit of cooking spray or oil on the pin. You should be good to go. 😀
    I hope this will help you out.

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