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Mixer Davo Ankarsrum N30

We have been trying to use the mixer several times for a while, but the mixer from the beginning did not knead the dough properly. The dough gets stuck on the rod or on the side of the bowl and does not mix. (We tried several types of dough and it's always the same story).

 Every time we try, the mixer fails to do the job, so we take out the rod and knead the dough with our hands..

 Attached are two videos for illustration.

Shevi Masar


  • Hello,

    there is too much flour added at the end here.

    You start with all your liquids, then dry ingredients. I usually add half of the flour in one go, then add a deciliter at a time and let it incorporate fully before adding more. The mixer needs friction to mix the dough, and too much flour at once will remove all friction and the dough will end up just sliding on the bottom of the bowl.
    Johan Customer Service

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