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Missing the adjustment screw for the dough hook.

I am trying to use my dough hook but it is scraping the bottom of the bowl, When I look down in the dough hook hole there is no screw.  I cannot find this part on the site anywhere.
Alan Morris


  • Thank you for your message. Our team here in the US will be emailing you shortly to gather more information from you so that we can help you with this issue. The email will come from:
    Ashley VP Sales & Marketing
  • Found both the screw and the spring...which I didnt know there was a spring...LOL

    They were both under the styrofoam packing glad I didnt throw away my box!!!
    Alan Morris
  • I just got my mixer. I do have the screw in the dough hook hole. Is it correct to assume the spring beneath the screw?  I just want to make sure it’s not supposed to go somewhere else because I didn‘t see a spring anywhere.  Thanks!
    Paula Osborne
  • Hi Paula, Yes, if the screw is down in the dough hook hole then the spring is also there. Every machine should arrive with the spring/screw in place but sometimes due to the vibration of the ocean freight, these parts can fall out and must be installed by the consumer. But it sounds like your machine is perfect.
    Ashley VP Sales & Marketing

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