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Knife and hole discs turning black

Some of my hole discs are turning black, and the knifte is spotty and starting to rust. I have only washed them by hand but suspect I haven't dried them properly after washing. Can these parts be saved? And how do I clean and store them properly in the future?


  • Hello,

    I recommend that you:
    1. Wash away as much of the black stuff as possible in warm water.
    2. Put the parts in boiling water, covering them.
    3. Introduce a tablespoon of citric acid per liter of water.
    4. Let boil for 30-40 minutes.
    5. Collect the parts and dry them thoroughly. Lubricate with food safe vegetable oil.

    In the future, please do dry the parts thoroughly to avoid stains. Also make sure to lubricate regularly.
    Johan Customer Service

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