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How do I mix cakes in the stainless bowl?

I make wedding cakes and often need to double the recipe.  The doubled recipe won't fit in the plastic bowl, so I will need to use the larger bowl.  I know the SS bowl and accessories are primarily for bread, but there must be a way to use it (them) for cake batter, cookies and batter breads.  I just got my mix TODAY and don't want to get frustrated right out of the gate.  Help would be very much appreciated!  Thank so much!


  • Hi!

    You're absolutely right; the stainless steel bowl is ideal for making bread. Additionally, you can use the stainless steel bowl with the dough roller to make buttercream and cookies.

    If your recipes are butter-based, the dough roller is perfect for creaming butter and sugar together. For egg-based recipes, it's best to use the beater bowl and balloon whisks to incorporate the right amount of air into the cake batter.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.

    Have a great day!

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