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How do I make sausages with the Mincer?

Hello, I've recently purchased the sausage horns for my assistent to make my own sausages. What do I have to keep in mind while making my own sausages?


  • Here's some tips to get started:

    1. Freeze the mincer before use
    2. Lubricate the horns with some sausage stuffing before strapping on the sausage casing.
    3. If you get air bubbles inside the casing, stop the machine and push the air back through the air channel on the horn.
    4. You can mix the sausage stuffing in the stainless steel bowl with dough roller and dough knife attached.
    5. Fry up some stuffing before stuffing your sausages to taste for seasoning.

    Visit our website or check out the recipe book for some inspiration and recipes for making sausages!
    Johan Customer Service

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