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How do I build up gluten with the machine?

Hello, I've owned the Ankarsrum for 8 months and I'm very satisfied. I've recently started an education to become a baker and we've learned about the importance of gluten, and I've had a hard time achieving a good gluten development in my doughs. I mainly use the dough hook and make big batches. Do you have any tips for how I can improve gluten development?


  • Hello, there's some things to keep in mind when trying to develop gluten in your doughs, and it boils down to some simple parameters.

    Chose the correct flour, high protein flour makes the gluten stronger.

    When mixing the dough, make sure to add all your flour at the beginning. Adding more flour during kneading leads to the gluten being unevenly developed.

    Let the machine knead until the dough passes the window pane test, meaning that with a well developed dough, you should be able to stretch the dough enough to see through it, without the dough tearing.
    Johan Customer Service
  • So this confuses me.  In the video, it’s suggested to combine liquids, salt and sugar, (if any), then add half the flour, then the yeast, then the rest of the flour….
    Cindy Murray
  • Hi Cindy!

    I see that I've been a bit unclear in my response above.

    Our recommendation is to mix liquids first as you say, then adding flour in increments until all flour is added. From there on you can increase mixing speed and let the mixer knead the dough. You don't want to add more flour after a couple of minutes of kneading as the dough will contain underdeveloped and/or overdeveloped gluten, making the bread rise unevenly.
    Johan Customer Service
  • Again, when is the best time to add the yeast (dry, not proofed)?
    Cindy Murray
  • Always do water + yeast first, then rest of the liquids.
    Johan Customer Service
  • Thank you
    Cindy Murray
  • Hi
    I have been using the mixer for several months, unfortunately I find it impossible to obtain a decent window pane test.
    I use a very high protein content flour, and have tried everything from 70% to 80% hydration with the roller and the dough hook. I test the dough throughout the process, but it seems to go from underdeveloped to over mixed without gaining sufficient strength. It was slightly better with the hook, but I had to hold the scraper against the side the whole time which defeats the object of using a mixer.
    I'm not sure what else to try other than being stuck with a very expressive whisking machine.

    Chris Arthur
  • Hi Chris,

    For how long do you knead the dough? For a dough with that hydration, you should only need at a very maximum ten minutes.

    Also, if possible, try another flour. Some flours are more suited to be mixed in a mixer than others.
    Johan Customer Service

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