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I still cannot be sure which attachment to use while making bread. I use hook for first mix and after autolyse I continue with roller. However with roller I cannot be sure if it is mixing or just tossing around (when adding additional ingredients) so end up taking matter into hands... so I am actually asking for more videos here so that we can see the texture and timing on different recipes please...
elmas çongar


  • Hello Elmas,

    a common question this. The roller is a gentle way to knead the dough, on most doughs it's usually completed kneading within 10 minutes, but doughs with lower hydration might take longer time. If doing lower hydration, turn the speed dial down slightly.

    Our american colleague Ashley explains the process using the dough roller excellently in our masterclass video on youtube. Check it out, as well as our baking school on youtube for more tips on how to knead successfully.

    Johan Customer Service
  • Hi!

    Is the way it should be that the dough roller is resting against the bottom of the mixing bowl?

    I read in the manual that the hook should not reach the bottom of the mixing bowl but in the case of the dough roller it doesn't say anything about it and my roller is reaching the bottom of the mixing bowl, is this the way it should be?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hello Grecia,

    yes, that is correct. The roller rests on the bottom of the bowl.
    Johan Customer Service
  • I received the assistant as a gift.  I’ve been watching the videos here and on YouTube and taking copious notes.  Is there a printable cheat sheet somewhere with tips and tricks for using the mixer for mixing things?  I have suffered a couple of failures in my search to become proficient (still finding dried cake batter, lol).  Thanks very much!
    Cindy Murray
  • Hi Cindy,

    information of that kind is available on our website. There is no cheat sheet per se, but lots of useful information 😀
    Johan Customer Service

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