water flow for the Änger River

I'm trying to get a value for the mean flow rate (m/sec) for the Änger River, Västerbotten.  My Swedish is not so good and so it is difficult to use Vattenwebb.
However, I have found and downloaded data for other rivers in the region (e.g., Vindeln, Sävar), so perhaps the Änger is not monitored? Can you help me? Thanks!
Terry Bidleman


  • Hi!
    If you download modeled data from this service you can choose your area of interest; https://vattenwebb.smhi.se/modelarea/ and find statistics (1991-2020( for them as well as daily modelled data från 2010.
    Lena Hydrolog, produktansvarig
  • Tack Lena, that works well!

    Best wishes,

    Terry Bidleman

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