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Stream flow data for stations not on Vattenwebb


I am looking for historical flow data for some stations that are not available for download on Vattenwebb, specifically:

1581, 1874 and 2232, and 20030

These stations and their locations are displayed in your Excel file or stations, but not shown on Vattenwebb. Is their data is available for download somewhere else?

David Tenenbaum Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi,
    We have made resent changes in our hydrological network which means that these stations no longer can be downloaded from smhi.se. You can still order data from these (and other) stations. The data is free of charge but you have to pay for the time it takes to put the delivery together. If you are interested please contact us again and include more details about what timeperiods and resolutions you are intresested in.
    Lena Hydrolog, produktansvarig

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