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Some discharge station has minus value

For example, discharge station 516 and 20047 have got minus discharge values..


  • There are probably two different reasons as to why you find negative values. For 516 the negative values actually means that the flow have been reversed (the level of lake Mälaren have been lower than the Baltic Sea). These negative values are found before the regulation of lake Mälaren started. For station 20047 the reason to the negative values are probably that for some periods the reported values are not the discharge but instead the calculated inflow to the station.

    Lena Hydrolog, produktansvarig
  • Hej Lena,

    Thanks for reply. I checked hydrograph for both stations, for 516, clear signs of regulation exist for the negative flows (from Baltic to Mälaren). I guess a reservoir was already in use before a perhaps new one was in operation later (the minus values got much reduced after 1960).

    For 20047, the period when negative flow occurs showed very strong regulation, and constant alternations of positive and negative values -- shall this tell a calculated inflow?

    Is there a way to tell, from my downloaded "mätningar" - measured discharge, which station and period has been calculated? do you have some meta data for the stations that can help quality control and homogeneity check?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hej,

    For station 20047 (and several other stations) the data is delivered from an external source. Therefor we have no information that would help quality control or homogeneity check. However, we are aware of the problems this causes and hope someday to have the resources necessery to correct these data.

    Lena Hydrolog, produktansvarig

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